Cancel Culture & You

If you’re active on social media, I’m sure you’re accustomed to the tumultuous wave that is celebrity and cancel culture. Honestly, these days, it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity—sometimes, it’s someone in your Facebook groups, or your group chat, or your coworkers. Some things I’ve been thinking about lately are: who is actually … Continue reading Cancel Culture & You

Fake Friends

Hi. An interesting aspect of girlhood that not only branches out into, but completely consumes womanhood, is fake friends. Only, recently, I am noticing that this doesn’t only pertain to womanhood—there is an undercurrent of fakeness in modern society that is hurting the kind of people we are evolving into. This undercurrent is generally based … Continue reading Fake Friends

The Mammyfication of Black Women

Hi. We have to learn and grow simultaneously, or else we will not succeed. mam·my ˈmamē/ offensive a black nursemaid or nanny in charge of white children. I found this on Google, and honestly found it to be too forgiving. Mammy’s were not called “nursemaids,” they were called slaves or “the help,” their humanity stripped from … Continue reading The Mammyfication of Black Women

The Voice of the “Angry Black Woman”

Hi. I’ve been working my way up to this blog post for a while. As I continue to unpack my past and clear out the energy blockages such as fear and being a people-pleaser, blockages that once kept me from speaking my mind, I am finding that it is becoming much easier— yet this topic … Continue reading The Voice of the “Angry Black Woman”

Listen to Black Women Like You Mean It

Hi. In an attempt to be transparent and consistently say what’s on my mind without fear, I want to state that I am aware that these next few weeks are going to sit wrong with the people who need to hear it most. I say this, not to garnish pity, but, rather, to encourage more … Continue reading Listen to Black Women Like You Mean It

Self-Serving Activism

Hi. An issue I have noticed in the leftbook groups I am in, and from the accounts I see retweeted largely, is that the activism being displayed is self-serving. Here, you find a bunch of people, usually straight white women at police brutality marches and straight white men at feminist marches, who are being paraded … Continue reading Self-Serving Activism