It’s just us here since I’m still on my social media break, so I wanted to write about something else that has been on my heart but, honestly, scares me to talk about: Confrontation. I am someone who used to say things like, “I’m not confrontational, but I don’t have an issue confronting someone about … Continue reading Confrontational

The Power of Friendship

            My entire life I wished for a group of friends who motivated me to keep moving forward, praised my successes, lifted me up through difficult times, and was equally the friend to me that I am to them. I know I am a good friend—I’m fiercely protective, loyal to a fault, and a great listener—but … Continue reading The Power of Friendship

Mentally Unwell

There are two things I am finally coming around to accepting: mental health is serious, and mental health is wildly misunderstood. These last few years, during my most intense ups and downs, I have found myself struggling to articulate what exactly is wrong. I have struggled accepting the fact that there is something wrong, and it is … Continue reading Mentally Unwell

Discontent Isn’t Normal; Do What You Love

As the year progresses, it is becoming more and more difficult for me to write blog posts. Not because I dread posting—I actually love it more than any of you will ever know, it has been a source of healing and complete escapism for me this year— but because I’m tired. Not just your standard … Continue reading Discontent Isn’t Normal; Do What You Love

Divorcing My Depression

I turn 24 Saturday, September 1st. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never been the kind of person who could see themselves getting older. When I was 14, I couldn’t imagine being 18. When I was 18, I couldn’t imagine being 21. When I was 21, I couldn’t imagine being 25. I’ve never thought of … Continue reading Divorcing My Depression

Cancel Culture & You

If you’re active on social media, I’m sure you’re accustomed to the tumultuous wave that is celebrity and cancel culture. Honestly, these days, it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity—sometimes, it’s someone in your Facebook groups, or your group chat, or your coworkers. Some things I’ve been thinking about lately are: who is actually … Continue reading Cancel Culture & You


Hi. I came across a tweet yesterday where someone was lamenting the loss of a family member because they came out and the family member rejected them. They’d suspected it would go that way, and they felt stupid for having thrust themselves into that situation against their better judgment. It made me think about how … Continue reading Unfriended

Fake Friends

Hi. An interesting aspect of girlhood that not only branches out into, but completely consumes womanhood, is fake friends. Only, recently, I am noticing that this doesn’t only pertain to womanhood—there is an undercurrent of fakeness in modern society that is hurting the kind of people we are evolving into. This undercurrent is generally based … Continue reading Fake Friends