Where Have I Been?

Hi All, I'm sure most of you who read my blog regularly know I am prone to longterm breaks from writing, and you always graciously accept me with open arms when I return. It means the world to me. This year has been difficult for all of us. We are experiencing a deadly pandemic, a … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

Happy Two Years!

I’ve written tirelessly on here about being the kind of person who tries to be open and honest about things even if they’re uncomfortable, or if it’s difficult, or if it makes others angry. The truth—my truth—coming out has been such a freeing, healing moment in time for me.  What I haven’t been so open … Continue reading Happy Two Years!

Bad Timing Is Good Timing

There’s not a day that I’ve woken up in the midst of this global pandemic and not been in complete shock that this is how things are. It blows my mind that this isn’t a dream—that I can’t snap my fingers or open my eyes, and everything will fizzle into nothingness and return to normal. It’s been … Continue reading Bad Timing Is Good Timing

Romanticizing the Past

            As I mentioned in my last post, this time of isolation and staying inside has made many nostalgic feelings arise within me, and, the most pressing feeling of them all has been a yearning for how things used to be. In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s easy to try to escape the present and … Continue reading Romanticizing the Past

The Magical Gravity Blanket

As we all know, improving your mental health isn’t magic. You don’t just wake up healed—it’s a lifelong struggle, and you have to work harder than most to stay afloat most days.  That’s why, in addition to therapy and meditation, I’ve made it a point to research different coping mechanisms that provide me relief and … Continue reading The Magical Gravity Blanket

My ED Discovery & Recovery

Just a warning: this post might not be for everyone. It mentions eating disorders, depression, and trauma. I was twenty-three years old when I discovered I had an eating disorder. It’s taken me almost a year exactly to get serious about tackling it. It’s something I’ve dealt with since I was a little girl—eleven years … Continue reading My ED Discovery & Recovery

Mentally Unwell

There are two things I am finally coming around to accepting: mental health is serious, and mental health is wildly misunderstood. These last few years, during my most intense ups and downs, I have found myself struggling to articulate what exactly is wrong. I have struggled accepting the fact that there is something wrong, and it is … Continue reading Mentally Unwell