The Sorry’s Unsaid

            The most beautiful thing about working on healing for yourself is realizing how one-sided forgiveness is. That sounds weird, right? Not really. Once you get away from the tendency to endure mistreatment and heartache because you want closure—closure is not something you need or are entitled to—you begin to work toward forgiveness from within. What … Continue reading The Sorry’s Unsaid

Longer Route, Longer Journey

If we are to fully accept that our path is our path, we must also accept that our timing is our timing. What this means is that if it takes us eight years to complete a four-year-university education, then we are a person who took eight years to finish their degree, not a failure.  No … Continue reading Longer Route, Longer Journey


Hi. I came across a tweet yesterday where someone was lamenting the loss of a family member because they came out and the family member rejected them. They’d suspected it would go that way, and they felt stupid for having thrust themselves into that situation against their better judgment. It made me think about how … Continue reading Unfriended

Fake Friends

Hi. An interesting aspect of girlhood that not only branches out into, but completely consumes womanhood, is fake friends. Only, recently, I am noticing that this doesn’t only pertain to womanhood—there is an undercurrent of fakeness in modern society that is hurting the kind of people we are evolving into. This undercurrent is generally based … Continue reading Fake Friends

Outside Looking In

Hi. I’ve been working through a lot of things in therapy lately, but one of the most important things I’ve been addressing internally is the way that things look from the outside looking in. I’m realizing that I am part of a group of people who give the appearance of holding everything together even though … Continue reading Outside Looking In

Becoming a Conscious Communicator

Hi. As we begin to become more selfish with our time, efforts, and energy, it’s essential for us to practice establishing those boundaries verbally before we move on to creating actual, physical distance from those who drain us. Something I have been working on is becoming the kind of person who is slow to speak. … Continue reading Becoming a Conscious Communicator

Becoming Selfish

Hi. Usually hitting the seven-month-mark each year terrifies me. When I was in college especially, getting past June meant I was racing against the clock, trying desperately to keep myself above water while simultaneously trying to make it look like I wasn’t struggling at all. However, this year is different. I’m excited. I started my … Continue reading Becoming Selfish