The Magical Gravity Blanket

As we all know, improving your mental health isn’t magic. You don’t just wake up healed—it’s a lifelong struggle, and you have to work harder than most to stay afloat most days.  That’s why, in addition to therapy and meditation, I’ve made it a point to research different coping mechanisms that provide me relief and … Continue reading The Magical Gravity Blanket

The Power of Discipline

            I’m a work in progress—we all are. That doesn’t mean one day we’ll be able to stop the work, it means that as life progresses, so does the work. It grows as we do, meeting us where we are, consistently calling us to task. However, many of us miss out on new direction due to … Continue reading The Power of Discipline

The Power of Friendship

            My entire life I wished for a group of friends who motivated me to keep moving forward, praised my successes, lifted me up through difficult times, and was equally the friend to me that I am to them. I know I am a good friend—I’m fiercely protective, loyal to a fault, and a great listener—but … Continue reading The Power of Friendship

Refilling My Cup

            I’m tired.             Honestly, I think most of us are tired. I feel like being tired has become the societal norm—we run ourselves ragged, complain we’re tired, allow our bodies to rest a few hours, and then repeat the cycle until days turn into years of exhaustion.             It’s not normal. It’s not cool. It’s not healthy.  … Continue reading Refilling My Cup


            I am the kind of person people tell themselves they want to make proud.             I am the kind of person who people put on a pedestal because they think I have myself together.             I am the kind of person who people withhold things from because they think I’m going to look down on them.             I … Continue reading Projection

Don’t Wait, Move

            To me, the goal of ending relationships that no longer serve me looks like leaving someone without any opportunity to speak about me negatively. It looks like them saying, “We used to be close, and then we fell off.” See? No hard feelings, just an acknowledgment that the connection is no longer there. This is … Continue reading Don’t Wait, Move