Being Truly Kind to Myself

            I read somewhere recently that intentional and repeated self-deprecation is a sign of not believing in the power and goodness within you. As someone who mostly downplays my every accomplishment or tries to make it seem like I don’t work extremely hard for the things I have, it hit close to home.              If self-deprecation is … Continue reading Being Truly Kind to Myself

Don’t Abandon Yourself

Hi. After I posted about learning to love yourself, I had a really long conversation with my friend about abandonment. Abandonment from a parent, a friend, a lover. My personal feeling is that a lot of us experience abandonment that we do not acknowledge. A lot of us abandon listening to our intuition, we abandon … Continue reading Don’t Abandon Yourself

It’s Okay to be Still

Hi. If you’re in my immediate circle, you know that these past few weeks I’ve been reading a lot, meditating a lot, practicing being still a lot. Note that I said practicing, because it still does not come naturally to me. At all. I was raised in a household and within a culture where movement … Continue reading It’s Okay to be Still

Sometimes, You’re Your Mom

There are so many people wondering the world feeling a sense of loss, mourning the fact that they feel like they don’t have a mother. Jessica Lanyadoo, a popular Astrologer, popped up on my Twitter yesterday, which made this message almost divine, because I'd never heard of her before. Every Mother’s Day, I feel people’s loss. … Continue reading Sometimes, You’re Your Mom