About Me


My name is Cydney Humphrey. For the purpose of this site, however, I will go by Cydney Renee, which is my middle name. I am not ‘dropping’ my last name because of shame or pain, but, rather, because this blog will be how I come into my own, and fully appreciate and love the two names that belong to me but not anyone else in my family.

I’m a twenty-something and live in the DMV area. I am a Jersey girl through and through, but Maryland has been my home for almost six years now, and I am finally coming around to embracing the change. There has been a lot of changes in these past six years. There has also been a lot of enlightenment, love, happiness, sadness, depression, anxiety— you name it. I am learning that this is simply how life goes.

Why the ‘xo’ at the end? Because I love you. Really, I do! I do my best to try to make people who don’t feel heard or understood feel loved. This blog is here for us to heal. I really wish to put emphasis the “us.” I want anyone who comes to this site to feel seen, heard, loved, enlightened, educated, understood, and represented. I will talk about things as they pertain to my life and my existence. I will talk about things that have nothing to do with me, but because I am an empathic being, I will make it a priority to try to understand. I will mess things up, and hope that you will correct me. I will probably call you out for something you’re not getting quite right, but please know I am coming from a place of love.

Together, we can help each other be better, do better, and learn better. Thank you for trusting me on this journey.

xo, Cydney

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