A Word

Hi all!

I hope you’re as well as you can be during all this, and remembering to take time for yourselves daily—being as gentle and kind with yourselves as you are with your loved ones. I also hope you will hold me accountable to do the same, because many times I haven’t been.

Although I mentioned in last week’s post that May 1st is the 2 year anniversary of my blog, I didn’t want the day to pass without writing to you all again to express how deeply humbled and blessed I am that you all are here with me. This blog has helped me live out my purpose in a pure, transparent way that is terrifying and healing and magical and so filled with love and the best intentions. I pray that many years from now people come across posts here that resonate and guide them on their way to healing.

Living in your purpose isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s so hard to walk through it, but knowing I can reveal parts of myself with people who can empathize, relate, and understand has made me feel significantly less alone. I hope you all know I am here for you. Praying for you, holding space for you, and setting out each week to uplift you through sharing the most vulnerable parts of me.

Happy 2nd Birthday to this wonderful space I can call home. Also…Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

All my love,


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