Hi everyone,

As we all know, this is an incredibly difficult time for us all, and it’s something that we could not have ever guessed was going to be happening for as long as it has. Many of us, including myself, are extremely limited on the work available to us, and if you’re a freelancer like myself, things might seem a bit horrifying to say the least on the job front.

I am writing this post today, before my actual blog post goes up, to reach out to my community for help. I am asking for donations during a time that is difficult for most all of us, and I recognize the strain this could place on some. I want to be clear here and say if you cannot afford to donate, please do not donate.

The cost of renewal is $96, and I am unsure of whether or not there are added fees on top of that. However, any and all money that is donated will go directly toward the site. If I have helped bring you comfort, wisdom, healing, or entertainment at all during my time writing on this blog or while you’ve encountered me in person or online, and you are able to donate, I would appreciate it. If you cannot donate, know I love and appreciate you just the same, and either way, whenever I am able to renew the site, I will be back and posting regularly like I have been lately.

Keep an eye out for a blog post in a few hours!

All my love,



Venmo: @CydneyHumphrey

Cash App: $cydneyy

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