A Message of Hope


I hope you are all safe and well during this time and can feel that I am sending love and healing to each of you. I felt like it would be disrespectful to this little corner of the internet I’ve created for myself—and that you all meet me halfway in—if I didn’t send out a message of hope during this time. 

I’ll be honest when I say I was completely unprepared for all this. I believe most of us were, which is why there is so much fear and uncertainty at the moment. I felt the blowback of unpreparedness, my stream of income halted, and I got very sick, all within the first week of this entire situation, and it was instantly extremely taxing on my mental health and wellbeing. 

It’s very easy to take the current standing of the world and tell everyone around you not to succumb to fear, but what I’ve found is that most people become overcome with fear when frightening things occur because collectively, we live in a scary time, endure scary things, and instead of healing that, we gloss over it with pretty quotes and mantras. You can be scared of the unknown but not live in a state of fear by being honest, transparent, and present. 

Sure, fear is an illusionary state of being, but it’s easy to find yourself there when you’re going into debt, you’ve lost your job, and life has changed as you know it. I think it’s important to remember that everything we experience in life exists to teach us a lesson in preparation for something later in life, or to answer a question about something we’ve inquired about in the past. 

When something like this happens again, rendering us unable to socialize, make money, spend money, and basically go outside—because it will happen again—it’s important that we use the tools that we have gathered during this time to be prepared. I firmly believe that no matter what, life will not be the same for most of us after the effects from this shift become less intense. We cannot and will not go back to the way things were because so many areas of our lives has had the carpet pulled back, exposing what is/isn’t working, who is/isn’t there for us, and how we can proceed. 

I implore all of you who read this to show kindness to your fellow humans. Hold space and check in with people. Pick up the phone and call people. Sure, it’s fun to be on social media and binge-watch movies and TV shows, but if you’re in a place of healing you have a responsibility to help heal others through this all. 

Be the light you know the world is lacking right now. Please.

All my love,


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