In Honor of Sisterhood

I’m going to say this ahead of time: this post is for women, in honor of Sisterhood during Women’s History Month. 

Sisterhood is more than not speaking ill of fellow women or allowing society to pit us against one another—it’s a lifestyle. It’s actively showing up for the women in our lives, supporting all women, and allowing ourselves to be open to learning from one another. There have been things in my life that I’ve learned simply from taking the time to listen to another woman that have been life changing and I’ll never forget. 

One of the most important things I’ve learned about sisterhood is accountability. We are no one without people in our lives who consistently call us to the carpet, challenge our ways of thinking, and refuse to let us live within an echo chamber of unevolved thinking. I no longer want to live a life where no one tells me with conviction when I am wrong, or coddles me when it’s time to be firm in correction—now that I’ve surrounded myself with women who can do these things with love, it seems foolish and counterproductive to turn back now.

Honestly, a lot of us, by nature, shy away from other women who we sense might hold us accountable. We’ll call them bossy or say their energy is too strong or call them bitchy or nitpicky when in reality, it’s difficult to be around someone who consistently holds the mirror up to us when we are being our least productive, unevolved selves. It’s difficult to be around the kind of person who tells us we’re better than how we choose to behave when things aren’t going our way; challenging us to be smarter, wiser, and firm in our convictions. 

We are here on Earth to learn and grow. The only way to graduate life is to stop living, and I’m happy to know that there will always be homework as it pertains to figuring out life and the best way to live it. I’m so grateful today and every day for the women in my life who make time for me, speak life into me, challenge me, uplift me, hold me accountable, and are passionate about figuring out life together. 

I’m so grateful I no longer have to be the kind of woman who says things like, “I don’t get along with other women,” or, “Women are too much drama, so I have mostly guy friends” because I am afraid of being challenged or reminded that I am a better woman than how I behave when I am not in a good place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. 

I am also grateful for the women I grew with until I couldn’t grow with them anymore, and so they are no longer in my life. I can truly say I learned those lessons with them and do not hold resentment that they are no longer in my life anymore. Sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart. 

I am eternally committed to being my best self because I know I’ll never be alone through it all—my circle of sisters have my back now. 

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