I’m Back. I’m Here.

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long time, but it’s been a long, hard year for most of us! It’s been a year of death and rebirth, death and rebirth over and over again. I’m grateful to have made it to the end of the year, and I’m especially grateful to be on the other side of the battles I never thought I’d win.

I saw a tweet that said we should take the time to write out our accomplishments for 2019, and after writing and erasing “2019 Accomplishments,” several times, I decided I’d share these with you all instead, and encourage you to share with me in the comments!

  • I have been in therapy for over a year now, and I am a better sister, daughter, and friend because of it.
  • I’ve consciously made an effort to breathe more.
  • I aim to speak with intention, after thinking it through and choosing my words carefully.
  • I have been unapologetic about protecting my peace, walking in my purpose, and being the best version of me.
  • I’ve held others accountable for the things they’ve done to me, and given them space to share those sentiments with me so we can improve upon them or simply part ways.
  • I’ve held myself accountable for the things I’ve done that contribute to the way my life is. 
  • I’ve written more days than I haven’t.
  • I’ve meditated more than ever before. 
  • I got over a big fear of mine and got my license. 
  • I turned 25. If you had told 15-year-old me that I’d be 25 someday, I would have laughed.
  • I paid for a vacation entirely by myself and went off to see one of my best friends get married. I allowed myself to cry, feel, laugh, dance, and be present.
  • More often than not, I can tell you with great confidence and joy the things I love about myself.
  • I no longer shy away from owning my brilliance. 
  • I’ve made peace with not feeling compelled to profit off all the skills I have to offer and nurtured those skills instead.
  • I removed myself from not one, not two, not three, but four toxic work environments and never looked back. I’ve made peace with knowing if I never make a lot of money, at least I’ll have my sanity, peace of mind, and will be doing what I love.
  • I have tried to no longer punish my body for needing rest or nourishment.
  • I’ve prayed daily to operate from a place of gratitude, forgiveness, and positivity. 
  • I’ve lost a lot of friends I never thought I’d lose. I’ve made peace with this and have opened my heart to the friends who remain—they have met me halfway with zeal. 
  • I know my limits, my boundaries, what I will and will not do, and honor this knowledge with intention and great pride. 
  • I’ve been generous without hesitation and have reaped what I’ve sown.
  • I’ve learned to worry about money less. It comes and goes just as surely as the sun rises and sets.
  • I’ve set the little girl within me free, and she does what she pleases. 
  • I’m here.

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