Spring Update! 🌸🌼

I want to start checking in more regularly between posts—perhaps with each season, or whenever it becomes clear to me that an update is needed.

I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things here. I am being as consistent as I can be at this time, and it feels good to know I am surrounded by a group of people who are as committed to learning, healing, and growing as I am. I haven’t said enough how grateful I am to have you all by my side, hearing me out and cheering me on.

That’s why I feel confident that the new direction I want to take this blog in will be good for us all. I want to be more transparent, and that means I want to let you all in more. I want to tell you how I cope, how I stay uplifted, how I stay motivated. I want to tell you about my ups and downs. I want to talk books and movies and film with you all. I want to embrace the whole of what this world has to offer and include it in my journey of healing.

The next two weeks will be my test period, so to speak. I’d like to to review products and apps, compile playlists, and maybe even go live on Instagram in the future. I want to converse with people about their journeys and give them a platform to make their voices known.

It is so important to me that you all see every side of who I am. I hope this new direction is as helpful for you as it will be for me.



Stay connected!



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