Refilling My Cup

            I’m tired.

            Honestly, I think most of us are tired. I feel like being tired has become the societal norm—we run ourselves ragged, complain we’re tired, allow our bodies to rest a few hours, and then repeat the cycle until days turn into years of exhaustion.

            It’s not normal. It’s not cool. It’s not healthy. 

            Once upon a time, to be tired was a way of marking whether or not you were a hard worker. However, if we balanced our lives, we would soon see that running ourselves ragged and not giving ourselves time to recover is so completely outside of what we were intended to endure in our lifetime. We are here to do great things—not to kill ourselves while doing them. 

            Sure, we can blame capitalism for subjecting us all to the rat race where we’re trying to stay in the race but barely hanging in there. We can say that we’re working hard so that we can relax when we retire. We can decide that we only need four hours of sleep and that as long as we have coffee or get to take a nap, we’re totally fine with being exhausted. 

            But that doesn’t make it normal. We have to remember to take care of ourselves! Nothing else that you set your mind to can prosper if you are not well-rested enough to pay attention to the tasks at hand. I am making a vow to refill my cup more. I want to disconnect from social media, unplug from my friend groups, and spend time taking care of myself because, for the time being, I am the only person in charge of doing so. 

            Here are some things I am hoping to do more of:

  • Limit my screen time
  • Stop replying to work emails at night and on the weekends
  • Tell my friends I am busy or unavailable to do labor or be present for them instead of giving empty advice
  • Find a hobby that takes me outside of the house and commit to doing it regularly
  • Lean on the group of friends I have carefully surrounded myself with, and trust that they are capable of being there for me
  • Take more baths instead of rushing through showers
  • Meditate every day, twice a day

Stay connected!



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2 thoughts on “Refilling My Cup

  1. I feel you on this one! I am tired and I often feel like I have to extend myself for others. I will be doing this too “Tell my friends I am busy or unavailable to do labor or be present for them instead of giving empty advice”. Thank you 💜

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