Do I Want That? Or Did Society Tell Me To?

            If you’ve learned nothing else about me thus far, you should know that I try to march to the beat of my own drum in all aspects of life. I try not to look around at what my peers are doing, because that’s their lane, not mine. I don’t feel like I’m behind in life just because I don’t have what another has. I’m right where I need to be, steadily moving forward.

            However, I feel like something a lot of people, more specifically, women—including myself—struggle with is whether we actually want something, or if society has told us we must want these things to be considered a whole, worthy woman and acceptable member of society. For example, one of the things society tells women is that we have to sacrifice our careers to have children. This results in many women giving up happy, successful careers to have children. However, not every woman wants to be a mother. Also, some women want to be mothers and continue working. So, where does that leave these women? Are they selfish? Bad human beings?  

            If you’re a career-minded woman who doesn’t have a husband, is your life truly empty? If you cannot stay married, are you unlovable? Are you sacrificing true love for your career?

            If you’ve tried and tried to get through college and keep dropping out or failing, are you a failure? Is your gut feeling that school is the wrong place for you incorrect?

            If you want to quit your corporate job to be an entrepreneur who helps others, are you foolish for choosing passion over comfort?

            I say no. I think everyone should be exactly who they are and strive toward achieving their own goals in whatever capacity that looks like. Sure, your life might look vastly different from another’s, but that is the beauty in living your life—you get to write each chapter. If you want something, you will find a way to make it happen. If something is not for you, it’s better to see that early on and instead spend your time focusing on what is. 

            We have to learn to live our lives the way we know we deserve to live it. This begins with you being bold enough to take a stand and vowing to be okay with the fact that others will tell you it’s wrong because your desires don’t fit in with their dreams. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. Not even you. Trust that once you listen to your gut and truly dive into the things you want for yourself, it will come to you because it must. Know that your ability to manifest the things you need is impenetrable by outside forces and will arrive in its Divine timing. 

You know what is best for you. Time to start living in your truth.

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