Okay With How It Looks

I’m okay with how my life looks to other people. It took me a long, long time, but I finally feel like I’m getting there.

I’m okay if people think that I’m not beautiful. I know that I am. I thank myself for doing the work this year to finally receive this as fact.

I’m okay if people think I’m too tall, too wide, or my personality is too big. I am proud and honored to take up space on this planet.

I’m okay with people thinking I’m lazy. I know that I work hard, that fighting to live each day is hard, and at the end of the day I can say I persevered. I also know that someone thinking I’m lazy is a direct mirror of their own insecurity about being incapable of doing things to the beat of their own drum, their inability to take time for leisure, and a desire to do far less than what they’re forcing themselves to go through every day.

I’m okay with people thinking I am too outspoken. I know that I’d rather die than be silent, and that dozens of people benefit from the information I share and the things I say every single day. I also know that my ancestors didn’t die for me to be complacent with the system or accept things because “That’s the way they are.” I know I would rather fight with every breath in my body than become slave to a system or be naïve enough to think I could just get roped into going with the flow and being content within my soul.

I’m okay with being too black, too polarizing, too “out-there.” That’s your own fear, staring back at you, wishing you had the courage.

I’m okay with people not thinking I am special or unique. No one on this earth is twenty-something Cydney Renee Humphrey.

I’m okay with people wondering why I am so well-liked. I know that as I continue to love myself, I attract loving people who love me for me.

I’m okay with people wondering why so many are generous to me. I’m working on being open to receiving that generosity without deeming myself unworthy.

I’m okay with people removing themselves from my life. I wish you the best, but I’m glad you’re gone.

I’m okay with people wondering why their voices are no longer louder than mine in my head. I forgive myself for allowing them to be. I now operate from a place of feeling from my heart.

I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay.

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