Proof of Life & Updates!

In case you missed my announcement on social media, I took two weeks off from blogging to give myself a mental break, as well as to give everyone time to catch up on the posts. I feel like we’re all learning and growing and healing, but I also recognize that sometimes it can be a bit much to take in for many people, so I definitely want to listen to that concern that has been voiced to me and meet you all halfway.

With that said, this post will serve as an announcement of some different things I’ll be doing with the site from this point forward…this is a lot of information, so sit down and stay a while!

I am not someone who can creatively get stuck in a pattern because then it becomes restrictive and boring to me, so I will likely consistently change the way I handle this site, and I hope you will understand and stick around. If this is something you’re not a fan of, consider accepting the challenge of stepping outside of your comfort zone and diving in anyway.

First, I am someone who thrives on feeling connections with people. I do not ever want to be closed off from you all as readers, and I consider your feedback as connecting with friends. I know a lot of content creators say they thrive on hearing from their audience, and at the risk of sounding like a cliché, I will simply say that I agree with that statement. I don’t care about page views or followers—I simply want to know it resonates. With that said, I am considering doing a weekly or bi-weekly Instagram Live session where you are all free to join me and I will discuss any questions you have, or we can just be and get to know one another. If you are interested in this, make sure you follow my Instagram (linked below (or off to the side if you are on desktop)!

Second, variety is something that is essential for a platform like this to thrive. With that said, I see no reason to adhere to the two-posts-a-week cycle I’d locked myself into. Instead, I will write when I feel led to write, but I will always upload a minimum of four times a month. What this means is some weeks I will upload, and some I won’t upload at all. Some months might even have eight posts! But I will always be here, and there will never be a month without four posts; even this month. I also will no longer be restricting myself to a word limit, or a format that begins with an intro and ends with an outro. One thing my Granddad always told me is that we should never say hello or goodbye to each other, because that implies that there was a time between then where we weren’t connected, and I agree. I initially did this so that people could follow along easily, but there is simply no easy way to consciously hold back useful information for fear it won’t be attention-grabbing if it’s too long, or that people can’t follow without a hello and goodbye. Those who want the entire message will read through to the end…I know that now!

Third, I want to dip my toes into things that challenge me. I am working on new things behind the scenes, but it will all be connected to my blog. This means I will be diversifying content, finding different ways to get my point across, talking about a vast variety of topics, and entertaining different outlets and mediums in the process. I feel very confident in the way things are going, and finally feel like I have a grip on this blog and the many places it can take us!

Finally, I want to reiterate that this is very much a “we” journey and not an “I” journey. We are in this together. Always.

Stay connected!



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