For my final post of the month, I wanted to again focus on something that brings together all of the posts from this month, and I came to the conclusion that if there is anything we have learned from each other during this time, it is the fact that being self-aware is essential, critical, and, somehow, totally rare.

Self-awareness is the tool that we use to properly discover how we truly feel about ourselves, but it is also the roadmap to how we treat others. For example, if we are consistently moving through life fearing that someone will question our intentions or disposition, we are a lot more likely to move in an untrustworthy way that confirms their suspicions. Or, if we are not practicing being self-aware, we will begin to think that life just happens to us, we are a victim, that people don’t vibe well with us, or that everyone always has it out for you.

Self-awareness is needed so that you begin to share the proper, equal weight for what goes on in your life. Taking responsibility for your actions will help you to credit your successes to active work that you have been putting in to change, and that is something that no one can ever take from you. Instead of thinking that you lost your job due to the Powers That Be not liking you, self-awareness can help you realize that you lost your job because you often talked about hating it or hating a coworker or boss. You might have complained about the traffic— something everyone must endure, so traffic isn’t a scenario where you should feel victimized, you see— and so God/the universe decided to not only remove you from traffic, but from the job altogether.

Being self-aware introduces an entirely new level of gratitude and consciousness into our lives, that will set us up to receive more and more blessings as time goes on. It will give you an opportunity to mend relationships, to shine clarity on a situation you were unsure about. It will allow you to recognize more clearly the ways you have evolved and strengthened the way you love yourself.

You stand to lose nothing from carrying your own weight. When you stop believing life is happening to you, it will blow your mind how quickly life will even out. As we’ve discussed, balance is important— even within.

Xo, Cydney

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