Honoring Your Feelings


As we end the last full week of May, I want to say thank you. The support has been unbelievable and unexpected, and I am excited to grow, learn, and heal with you all. A large part of this process has been me learning how to honor my feelings. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been open-minded enough to receive the message that I should start this blog.

When I decided I was going to finally take the plunge and start a blog, it was the day after one of the most life-changing, tragic, yet empowering days of my life. Hopefully someday soon I will be strong enough to share the details of this day with you all. Anyway, after being forced to finally stand up for myself and stand my ground in a situation that terrified me, I felt like I’d finally found my voice. I’d finally found a reason to honor my feelings and do what I do best— write them down.

The truth of the matter is that I was stubborn. I knew that my feelings, words, and silence were all valuable things, however the unbalance amongst the three created a Cydney where I could easily stand up for others, but never myself.

If you think about it, a reluctance to acknowledge and honor your own feelings is usually based in self-hatred, fear, or depression. We can all acknowledge that these are not positive places to form thoughts from, and so, instead, we try to block them out and act like they’re not there.

We owe it to ourselves and the people around us to see our bad thoughts and feelings for what they really are so we can rejoice in the good without hesitation.

It’s a difficult task, but we deserve it.

Xo, Cydney

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