Unwind, Unpack, Repack, Renew


This is something that has been pressing me for a long time. A motto or mantra, which I need to learn to repeat daily, and hope you will repeat with me: unwind, unpack, repack, renew.

What this means for me is that in order for me to be renewed, I need to stay the course and go with the flow. I am guilty of getting excited and trying to jump ahead, but I need to realize that God (or the Spirit, the Divine, your intuition— whatever connects) knows what is best so sometimes I need to slow down.

We have to unwind. Most of us are so guilty of holding everything inside of ourselves. Our pain mixes with our happiness and becomes so entangled in it that we cannot feel happiness without pain, and it shouldn’t be that way.

We have to unpack. After unwinding, we have to step back and untangle everything. We have to pull the freshly untangled strands of our lives apart, analyze it, and decide what we will hold onto and what we will release. There is freedomin letting go.

We have to repack. Now that our load is lighter because we have gotten rid of what we can no longer carry, we have to neatly organize what we havedecided to carry. We have to keep things separate and untangled so we can look at them from fresh eyes. We have to make a lot of room for the goodness and happiness that is coming— because it iscoming— and remember to release the bad once we have healed.

We will berenewed. There is an undeniable sense of rebirth or renewal when you stop believing that other things (or people) rule your life.

Go with the flow. Stay the course.

Join me.

Xo, Cydney

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