March To Your Own Drum


The funny thing about most of us is that we can objectively step back from other people’s situations and verbalize that they’re doing too much. “Take it easy,” or, “Slow down, you only live once,” or, “It’ll still be there when you get to it,” are phrases we toss around, yet we rarely internalize them.

This isn’t a lack of self-awareness, this is a decision that many of us actively make. You believe you don’t have to slow down because you have a handle on it; you’re getting things done, no one is suffering, mouths are being fed, bodies washed, and (restless) sleep had. You think that everyone around you sees you as champions because you’re able to do so much and you appear like you have it all together. But really, you’re drowning in too much to do in too little time. You’re suffering.

Or, maybe, you’re the kind of person who concerns people. People think that you don’t care about anything; they mightthink you don’t appreciate life. You spend your time dreaming and taking steps when you feel like it is the right time. People like me. In reality, you’re probably drowning under the pressure of feeling like you’re not doing enough from your parents, significant other, siblings, etc.

Release the desire for external affirmations.

Realize that you’re the only one who is in charge of you, and so that means that you are the driver, the pilot, and the conductor. You are the only one who has to live your life— so you might as well take your time. Make the mistakes, give the apologies, clean up the messes, and recognize a blessing when it reveals itself to you.

March to the beat of your own drum, in your own time. There is no rush.

Xo, Cydney

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