You Deserve Self-Love.


One of the most difficult things that we have been tasked with in this lifetime is learning how to love ourselves. It’s especially difficult when the body you’re in does not fit the ideal “standard” of beauty in the media and society.

I am a fat black woman. I am brown skinned with 4b hair and I am honored to take up the space I take up in this world. I am in decent health. Many days I love myself. Most days I don’t. Whew, I finally got it out there. Most days I do not love myself. Most days this is not because someone has told me I’m not beautiful, it’s because Itold myself I wasn’t beautiful.

Now, it’s easy to say that I tell myself that I’m not beautiful because the media has told me that. Society definitely contributes, but it’s not the reason. The reason is because I have internalized every side eye about my outfit choices, I’ve bought into the hype about what’s trulybeautiful, I’ve repeated other people’s words in my mind and conditioned myself to think that I believethese things.

I don’t. I never did.

I truly believe we are all uniquely and wonderfully made. Loving yourself shouldn’t be a task, it should be an adventure. An adventure of the most enlightening, grounding sort. Loving yourself should come as easily as breathing. Lately, I have been writing one thing every day that I love about myself, and saying it out loud while looking in the mirror. It’s not easy, and it is way more time consuming than I anticipated, but it’s helping.

Join me.

Today, I love how this post will help at least one person stop repeating negative words that never belonged to them.

xo, Cydney

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5 thoughts on “You Deserve Self-Love.

  1. I am going to take your encouragement and actually apply it to my life today. I really struggle with accepting my body as it is. I know I have to start somewhere and positive affirmations is a great place to begin.

    Thank you for writing this.

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  2. First of all, I LOVE you… always have and always will. I am most happy to see you publish your writing. I love seeing that I have a website to go to and see your thoughts whether they are about you or the world. Girl you are growing! This is AMAZING! *tears*

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