Silence Is Golden

I’m not sure if I’ve disclosed this before, but I keep a running list of topic ideas for my blog, just to always make sure I’m being present in life, but honest and transparent in the execution of sharing my life with you all. What this means is that since March 2018, when I began … Continue reading Silence Is Golden

Social Validation

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about engaging with people—whether that is on social media or in person—for the sole purpose of networking. And, maybe two to three years ago, I was someone who believed that networking was something I needed to do to get ahead. However, the more I grow in life, the … Continue reading Social Validation

The Curse of Being Self-Deprecating

self-deprecating [ self-dep-ri-key-ting, self- ] adjective belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest. Something super popular amongst my fellow millennials is how unwilling we are to be proud of ourselves, celebrate our wins too loudly, or allow others to compliment us for accomplishing excellent things. We brush off their kind words with jabs at ourselves, downplay how … Continue reading The Curse of Being Self-Deprecating

What About Your Friends?

One of my least favorite parts about the healing space or “industry” is how love-centered it is. From religion to guided meditation to angel cards to crystals, people largely get into “healing” as a response to feeling rejected romantically, not being pursued romantically, or dealing with someone they once loved romantically moving on to someone … Continue reading What About Your Friends?

Ending Codependency

In my opinion, we all need someone to share our successes in life with. Whether that’s a partner, parent, friend, or sibling, it’s important, as a human, to feel seen and heard by someone in your corner. It only makes sense that we spend a large part of our lives in pursuit of that level … Continue reading Ending Codependency